Writing and Research in the Workplace

Research methods

Primary research is the collection of original data clearly separated from subsequent analysis or commentary.

It is not required for this unit.

Secondary research is analysis or commentary which uses original data collected from an earlier activity or project.

It is required for this unit.

The research question will determine which research method will be suitable.

Developing your thesis statement or research question

  1. Choose keywords that helps you to clarify the coursework topic
  2. Use the keywords to write a thesis statement or research question to act as:
    • a guide for your research
    • an organization for your writing
    • the focus of your conclusion

Steps when reading research sources

  1. Scan the source to develop an identify the main headers and conclusions.
  2. Formulate questions that you expect to have answered by reading the source.
  3. Read the source at your own pace while taking notes and trying to answer the questions you have from step 2.
    • Record enough information about the source to make it easy to write the references list later.
    • Save your notes even if you do not intend to use the source for your coursework.
  4. After you finish reading, add a review of the source to your notes.

How did you find the research source?

Why is the research source relevant to your coursework?

Why is the research source reliable?