Group Design Project

Prototyping to learn


According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a prototype is an original type, form or instance that serves as a model on which later stages are based or judged.

The purpose of design prototyping is to study:

Range of prototyping activities

Design prototyping is the synthesis of purpose and constraints

Source: Moggridge, B. (2006). Designing interactions. Cambridge: The MIT Press.

Prototyping could be comprehensive, but, it does not have to be. Prototyping can be used to learn about one issue at a time!

Design is a plan for arranging resources to accomplish a purpose

Sketching is important to the design process and prototyping

Key stages of the design process

Prototyping activities should lead to decisions

The result of analysis and reflection about prototypes should be decisions about your product design.

Progress requires decisions!

An example of game designers prototyping without technology!