WAN and VLAN Solutions

Practice scenario

A medical charity has received a grant to build a new site that will act as their headquarters and a research facility for contagious diseases. The new 2 floor facility needs to accommodate approximately 20 research staff, 60 non-research staff and 30 servers. There are a total of approximately 40 research staff, but, they rotate between field work (out of the office) and analysis (in the office).

The ground floor will contain offices and labs for onsite researchers, who need access to servers that store their research as well as access to computational servers for analytical software.

The ground floor will also contain 2 classrooms for training new employees and volunteers.

The ground floor data center will house:

The first floor will contain offices for administration, fundraising and support staff, who need standard web and office applications.

The first floor will also contain 2 conference rooms.

You have been asked to design and implement a new network infrastructure that delivers the following objectives: