Materials for Electronic Products

Factory production

Historical view of manufacturing

Is this manufacturing?Is this manufacturing?Is this manufacturing?Is this manufacturing?Is this manufacturing?Is this manufacturing?

"We supposed that an information society would replace industrial society, whereas the information society has in fact been added to the industrial one and increased its intensity."

Source: Thackara, J. (2005). In the bubble: designing in a complex world. Cambridge: The MIT Press.

Production view of manufacturing

Production view of manufacturing

Where does the profit earned by the seller fit into the above equation?

Modern factories in the electronics industry

Key events for electronics manufacturing

Key events for electronics manufacturing

The principle of division of labor has widespread impact

Division of labor in bottling factoryDivision of labor in computer assembly plantDivision of labor in call center

The principle of interchangeable parts

Interchangeable parts for a gun

Interchangeable parts for a computer

The concept of an assembly line

Ford assembly lineDell assembly lineBoeing assembly line

What is the difference between electrical and electronic engineering?

Modern electronic products are categorized by feature size

Electronics technology

Microsystems technology

Nanofabrication technology

Craftsman view of production

Craftsman production method

Factory view of production

Factory production method

What is the difference between the craftsman and the factory production methods? Consider the following issues:

Factories depend on access to:

Factories depend on natural resources

Factories depend on human resources

The formation of companies limited by shares is closely related to the use of financial capital

The structure for production of goods has evolved

What is the difference between craftsman and guild structures with regards to:

Methods of creating (incorporating) companies limited by shares

  1. Original method in England was by Royal charter
  2. Royal charter was expanded with private act of Parliament
  3. The Joint Stock Companies Act 1844 by Parliament further expanded access with a standard process
  4. The Limited Liability Act 1855 defined the concept of limited liability
  5. The Joint Stock Companies Act 1856 improved the registration process
  6. In the UK today, companies must be registered with Companies House and comply with the Companies Act 2006

A company limited by shares is a separate legal entity

The concept of limited liability was one of the attractions of using companies limited by shares

What is the difference between a one person company versus an employee of a company with regards to:

The concept of company stock has evolved with time and industry

Company stock is one of many early forms of traded financial instruments

There have been different markets for trading company stock

Aspects of factories and companies that have been contested for control

What are examples of methods used to control companies by:

Management of companies have developed gradually and continues to evolve

  1. Owner/entrepreneur
  2. Internal contracting
  3. Craft control
  4. Separation of labor and managers (Taylorism)
  5. Flexible semi-skilled labor (Fordism and the assembly line)
  6. Supply chain management