The Technology Context B101

Academic year 2011/12

Learning outcomes

  1. Knowledge of the market context, environmental legislation and engineering practices relevant to sustainable developments.
  2. Investigate and evaluate the effects of environmental legislation, usability requirements and manufacturing costs on the sale price of a technology product.
  3. Familiarity with technical information provided by environmental agencies and manufacturing companies.
  4. Awareness of the diverse engineering disciplines required for sustainable development projects.


Students are required to use individual pages on Mosaic to write and submit their coursework.
  1. Coursework 1 was due December 4, 2011 and contributed 60% to the unit mark. Marks are available online.
  2. Coursework 2 was due January 11, 2012 and contributed 40% to the unit mark. Marks are available online.

List of feedback comments to students.

Discussion about sustainable tablet computers was available for writing practice.

Syllabus topics, reading materials and lecture notes

  1. Sustainable development
  2. Secondary research techniques
  3. Short report writing techniques
  4. Presentation techniques
  5. Statistical and graphical summary of data
  6. Writing curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letters

Unit lecturer

Please contact Chi Nguyen with questions or suggestions.